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Messages from Barbara Dickinson

Barbara Dickinson, whose husband, Brian, had ALS for nine years, recently shared her thoughts and feelings about having a loved one with ALS. Barbara is a national trustee of The ALS Association and a trustee of ALSA's Rhode Island Chapter. Our thanks and gratitude go to Barbara for her concern and caring in agreeing to let us put her words on our web site.

ALSA's goal in sharing this information here is, through Barbara's story to 1) show how one family was able to successfully negotiate with their HMO for in-home care payments, and 2) share experiences of caregiving and effective coping strategies - validation of common feelings.

It should be emphasized that the video shows the experiences of one individual at a certain time in her life. Certainly, not all people will have the same situations and experiences that Barbara shares and not everyone will and/or would develop the same opinions that Barbara has.

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