Treasure Valley, ID • Now through June 19, 2021 

Tour d'Funk Riders

Welcome to "Tour d'Funk" Treasure Valley Ride to Defeat ALS!  We will be raising funds to fight Lou Gehrig's disease. We encourage our friends living with ALS and their caregivers to join the event. 

Since it's inception two years ago, Tour d’Funk Treasure Valley Ride to Defeat ALS has raised over $50,000 to help our local families living with ALS receive free medical equipment loans, quality of life grants, augmentative communications services, in-home visits with our care coordinator, ALS education, and support at local ALS medical clinics. On behalf of all the families with ALS living in Southern Idaho, we THANK YOU!

Fundraising is crucial for non-profits and we hope you will join us as a Virtual Rider this year to help raise awareness and fundraise for our families living with ALS. 

Ride solo and ride safe!  #ALSdoesntStopandNeitherDoWe #TourdFunk #everydropaddsup

Participate. Pedal. Defeat ALS.

Just you, your bike, and the open road.

Choose your time.

Choose your route.

Choose your distance.


How to Register? You can register online in three ways: 1. Join a Team -- If you are joining an existing team, you can search for your team and register yourself here. 2. Start a Team -- If you plan to captain a new team and are ready to get the wheels rolling, get started here. 3. Join as an Individual -- If you are signing up on your own, you can get started here. If you need special accommodations, please contact elizabeth@alsa-ec.org to make arrangements. 

Fees & Fundraising

Virtual Rider Registration is $20. The registration fee helps cover the cost of the ride. Paying your registration fee will also get you a race medal and a rider packet full of goodies.

Riders under age 18 on June 19th can register for free. If you would like a rider packet, register as a Virtual Rider instead.

Suggested Fundraising Minimum
We ask that each participant raise a suggested minimum of $250 prior to June 19. Fundraising for The ALS Association is a direct way of supporting our mission, but with each person you ask to support you, you are also spreading important awareness for ALS. Fundraising is easy and fun -- and we are here to help you get started and to surpass this fundraising goal! Be sure to look for the Facebook Fundraiser button in your participant center. This is an easy way to fundraise and people enjoy being able to give to a cause you care about. The best way to kick off your Facebook Fundraiser is making a donation to it yourself. When people see you are invested, they are more likely to join in. 


With Tour d'Funk now a virtual event, it is an opportunity for you to get out and ride on your own time, win prizes, and continue to support our ALS community. We would like to encourage you to keep in mind the mission of our chapter: To discover treatments and a cure for ALS, and to serve, advocate for, and empower people affected by ALS to live their lives to the fullest.

Ride safely at a level you feel comfortable.  Suggested riding for new riders is the Boise Greenbelt.  Below are the routes for the original 2020 ride. Keep in mind that since this is a VIRTUAL ride we do not have traffic control put in place to ensure your safety on the routes listed below or aide stations along the route.  Obey all traffic laws. Wear a helmet. Do not ride with headphones. Social distance according to your local ordinances and guidance from the CDC.

Suggested Routes: 

Download to your Garmin Edge, iPhone, Android, or Wahoo device.   



To see all routes on Ride with GPS click here


The Evergreen Ride to Defeat ALS is an important event in our ALS community. It is crucial to raise needed funds and awareness, to show our ALS community that we support them, even when we are apart. Show your support by posting pictures and/or videos on social media. Share the “how” and “why” you are participating with our community.

How to post?

Here are three important things when posting so that the ALS community can see your efforts!

1: Tag @ALSAEC on Instagram and @ALSAevergreen on Facebook in your post!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Follow @ALSAEC and @ALSAevergreen on the social media platform you are using before posting.

On Instagram, when posting type the "@" symbol, a list of accounts you follow will appear. After you type @alsaec, it will tag us! (Again, be sure you are following @alsaec)

Instagram Tagging

On Facebook, when posting type the "@" symbol, a list of accounts may appear. Finish typing out "@alsaevergreen" and it should have "The ALS Association Evergreen Chapter" as an option - click on that to tag us!

Facebook Tagging

2: Use the hashtags #EvergreenRide and #ALSAEC. All posts with the same hashtags will be listed together (so if you search #ALSAEC in a social media channel, or in a search engine like Google, you'll see all of the public posts that have #ALSAEC in their post). To "use" a hashtag, add "#EvergreenRide and #ALSAEC to the end of your post.

Example Post: I’m participating in the Evergreen Ride to Defeat ALS to support my dear friend, John. He was diagnosed with ALS two years ago. Until you see ALS firsthand, you don’t know how truly devastating it is. Please donate to support my fundraising efforts by clicking on this link. These funds support local services such as free medical equipment and contribute to finding a cure.  #EvergreenRide #ALSAEC

3: When posting on Facebook, make sure your post is public. To do this, you need to make sure you're following @ALSAevergreen AND make your post "public" as seen below.

Facebook Privacy


  • Helmet - Helmets are REQUIRED for ALL cyclists
  • Clothing that is comfortable for biking
  • Shoes appropriate for biking
  • Water bottle 
  • Sunglasses or other protective eyewear
  • Sunscreen and lip balm
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Donations/Donation tracking sheet
  • Driver's license or ID card
  • Emergency cash
  • Suggested:
    Tool kit
    Spare tubes and/or a patch kit, tire irons
    CO2 or mini-pump
    Cycling shoes